Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Marrow 
{The Core of the Meat Market District}
Hopping out of our cab and stepping onto the pavement, I overheard a couple of locals,"I've never heard of it," one mentioned with curiosity, I pretended not to hear, as if I was an expert on all the latest food experiences in the Tri- State area. Hey, why do I always have to play the role of a HomeSchool Mom? Food critic for the night, sounds good to me!!!
Anyway, I know, I wanted to write about an international food experience, but I can't seem to get past our own back yard for now! NYC, there's no place like home! So let's talk about The Marrow shall we??? I wasn't expecting to ever feel the swankiness that we all use to experience during better times in this little country of ours, but the former air of carefree luxury was rekindled for the night, as only the Meat Packing district can do. The entire staff was pleasant and helpful, which is so comforting with gastric experiences.
Of coarse, dish #1...Femur, no not the muscle, the cows bone Marrow...Wow! The Kosher salt really brings it together, smeared onto french bread like a pate', it is  the absolutely richest food I've ever tasted. Like the fat of a T- bone that only your Grand-Pappy could stomach.
That was fun, my hope for better times is confirmed, and the true love for what is being done at Marrow is evident.
OK, The Entrees were great, but I can't remember what in the world I ordered because it was erased from my mind like multiplication problems by a game of Angry Birds. Why, because of the Dessert, oh my wow. What? You mean you can sell this, there should be a law. And we were going to go to Shake Shack for custard!! Just slap me!!
Ginger Stout Cake w/ Roasted plum & honey ice cream...The cake disolves like a NASA Experiment due to the honey ice cream, only to leave you with a plum note that takes you back to your Native American Roots- I know you have some-smile...This one of the best desserts in the area!!! Wait till you try it, you'll thank me later... Now off you go!!! Enjoy!

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